RockPool: a game-changer in the 'OpenSea'

June 24, 2022

Welive and survive in love with many NFTs available on OpenSea. That’s a fact! The platform is one of the first NFT blockchain marketplaces and initially emerged because the platform’s owners had a great interest in the CryptoKitties game. Currently, the platform has extremely valuable collections and rare collectibles ranging from the famous monkeys (Bored Ape Yacht Club) to the beautiful and colorful Doodles NFTs.

The fact is that the last few years have been incredible for the NFT market, and the vast majority of these great collections already have well-formed communities and a huge audience. In addition, the number of people who registered and did at least one transaction on OpenSea has gradually grown since its inception.

It turns out that these large collections are called bluechip NFTs. This term exists to define NFTs that are generally well-known, established, and also considered good buys for the famous long term. Bluechip NFTs are also perceived to be safer than most, according to some analysts, and have a history of growth. What made the prices of these assets go up a lot (after all, this is how the market tends to work) — From the year 2021 onwards then, these most famous collections became inaccessible to the general public.

But how to solve the problem related to the accessibility of NFTs?

That’s where NFTFY comes in with its most incredible innovation, RockPool!

Our team, in their days of daydreaming about the vast universe of Web3, thought: “what if people could choose an NFT from OpenSea and fractionalize it so that several people could collectively own this NFT?”

E boom… A product is born!

The pieces of the puzzle were coming together and, little by little, the team realized that the benefits were overflowing:

  • Accessibility: for those who cannot afford (yet) a bluechip NFT or for artists who want to spread their art more and more around the Web3 world
  • Portfolio Variation: For those who prefer to own multiple assets rather than just one
  • Item Validation: To those who believe that the more people want a little piece of that NFT, the more valuable it is
  • Community Boost and Curator Fee: For those who… WAIT, haven’t I explained this yet?

I apologize, I’m very talkative and I forgot to mention the coolest!

When using RockPool, you can join as you wish: it can be joining existing Pools, creating a Public Pool (which, being visible on the platform, has a great chance of reaching the target price faster), or creating a Private Pool.

<iframe src="" width="480" height="400" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>

And by creating a Private Pool, you can target the public purchasing the fractions of that NFT. So you can…

  • Owning an NFT with your friends in a safe and trustless way
  • Boost your community or communities you participate in without needing financial resources (have you ever thought how cool an NFT that your community owns and that all members own a fraction of?)
  • Receive the curator fee! When creating a Private Pool, the curator chooses the fee amount, which is a percentage of the NFT price that will be transferred to the curator’s wallet after the fractionalization

Oh! I would like to mention a curiosity behind this: when we create a product, we should be concerned with the selling public and the buying public. But generating this accessibility, who sells is OpenSea and who buys is its public of enthusiasts, that is, RockPool’s demand is to make it accessible. Create bridges, not walls!

Well, how does that happen? I also want to own a fraction of a fancy NFT!

Easy peasy, my Web3 friend!

When the platform launches on May 23 (that is, next Monday), you can go on the OpenSea platform and select that NFT you want so badly and after that:

  • Copy the URL of this NFT in the space indicated on the RockPool platform
  • Choose whether to create a Public or Private Pool
  • Share with communities
  • Wait for the target price to be reached (when it is reached, the Smart Contract will buy the item automatically)

It is worth taking a look at the available Pools too. Maybe you can find a Pool with a very nice NFT…

Reminder: NFT needs to be listed at a fixed price…

Moral of the story…

This is a great bridge between artists and enthusiasts looking to buy. It makes art more accessible, creates new types of business, and transforms Web3 into a mutual and diverse landscape.

See you at RockPool on the 23rd?


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