Is the NFTFY team made up of legends?

June 20, 2022

ETH Amsterdam was a hackathon event (a coding marathon where hackers come together to explore, crack code, and develop new ideas) promoted by ETH Global. The event, which took place in Amsterdam (the capital of the Netherlands) happened between the 22nd and 24th of April and lasted 36 hours. ETH Global’s awards are focused on the community, while the sponsor awards are focused on the use of their respective technologies and different solutions.

The main objective, then, was to create solutions for communities and sponsors from different fronts since the event was created with the objective of promoting the Web3 ecosystem, in addition to adding projects and Web3 builders to the ecosystem. ETH Amsterdam was attended by big names in the market such as Vitalik Buterin, the Uniswap team, AAVE, and many others. But in addition to the presence of these market great players, the NFTFY team also made great history there.

Fabricio Miranda (at the left) and Arthur Ribeiro (right side)

In search of business connections and technological updates, the NFTFY sent two members of its team to the event: the CTO Fabrício Miranda and the Web3 Engineer, Arthur Ribeiro. During the event, the team members made several connections, attended lectures by Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum), and were highlighted in awards (three different categories of the hackathon):

🥇 1st place: award for the best application developed on the Polygon network

🥈 2nd place: Uniswap’s best scalable solution

🥈 2nd place: best dApp that integrates with Wallet Connect

Uniswap Grants Program (Best Scaling Solutions with Uniswap)

For 30 hours, NFTFY Hackers created an application on Polygon called Instant Market. The application, which took 3 places on the podium in 3 different categories, makes it possible to publish any NFT on a decentralized exchange, such as Uniswap, in just 5 minutes and using just 3 simple steps: select the NFT, fractionalize the NFT (creating the market) and, finally, provide liquidity.

The CTO, Fabrício, reported some of his experiences during the event:

“It was very challenging, as we could only start developing at 9 pm on Friday, after Vitalik’s presentation, and the project had to be delivered on Sunday at 9 am. So producing a reasonable solution in such a short time required a lot of effort. And as the hours went by, the body started to slow down, slight delusions appeared, and speaking in a non-native language became more and more difficult.
The solution base was ready at 11 pm on Saturday, and many finishing touches still needed to be carried out. The night from Saturday to Sunday was the hardest part because we were very sleepy and still had several things to adjust. We started presenting at 6 am and filled in various details of the project until 7 am on Sunday. Then we slept in the corner of the building between 8 am and 9 am to present to the general public at 9:30 am.
We presented, we did well, and, in the following hours, we showed the solution to the sponsors. The result came out at 4 pm. Finally, the project was very successful, being recognized by major players in the market.”

Fabricio Miranda (left) and Arthur Ribeiro (right)

ETH Amsterdam was the biggest Ethereum hackathon in recent years. The event featured 165 teams and more than 400 developers from around the world. Furthermore, Vitalik Buterin was part of the heavy team of judges. The Instant Market project, developed with the purpose of using NFT fractions to make the market viable and scalable, surprised and was the most awarded project of the entire event, taking 3 awards in different categories.

“It was an intense and incredible experience. The opportunity to be with people from the Web3 community from around the world is something that makes you see how, regardless of your culture or location, the focus is one” — Arthur Ribeiro Web3 Engineer da NFTFY.

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