Crowdfunding: how it helps projects and fortifies Web3?

June 20, 2022

Web3 is not far from becoming a very complete ecosystem, with a lot of diversity and commonly called “the internet of value” this ecosystem adds decentralization mechanisms capable of changing the directions of projects, statistics, and futures.

One of the great difficulties of Web3 is to aggregate the general public: how to bring people here? And this doubt permeates several protocols. One of the great difficulties of Web3 is to aggregate the general public: how to bring people here? And doubt permeates several protocols. However, adhesion is made little by little and gradually breaks through some barriers, especially those that previously prevented the public from trusting this ecosystem. The audience variation comes from research and certainly with the will to migrate to this universe after realizing that it adds value and that complete and circular projects are part of it.

The NFTFY CrowdPad plays a trivial role in this process as it can and already aggregates projects with social and ecological causes, making the general public able to learn about NFTs having a universal purpose: to help.

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That is, if there were no incentives before, now there is no lack of them (neither incentives nor good causes).

Well, it’s not just the public that Web3 still lacks. The construction part may still need a lot of professionals, especially developers. In other words, if projects already lack programmers on Web2, imagine the Web3 ecosystem (that is not yet accessed by many) — Even if the proposals are incredible. — And to change this story, a project called Programadores do Amanhã (Programmers of Tomorrow) decided to promote Crowdfunding on NFTFY.

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The data and statistics of unemployed low-income youth are worrying, and the Web3 ecosystem needs professionals…

So how did this project bring these two problems together and find the solution on our platform?

It’s simple! The project “Programadores do Amanhã” is carrying out an NFTFY Crowdfunding to enable the professionalization of low-income youth. But look, we are not talking about just any professionalization. The project will professionalize young people in the area of ​​programming focused on Web3. This is amazing, isn’t it?

The project is taking place with an NFT by the artist Rejane Cantoni, who is also a master in communication and semiotics, and a researcher in the engineering of virtual reality systems, interactive installations, and automation. Thus, participating (with the amount you want) is as if you were acquiring fractions of this NFT even before it was fractionalized. Which can be a great boost for communities to be involved in a great cause and for fractionalization to occur.

NFTFY’s CrowdPad helps to tie up loose ends between the lack of professionals on Web3 and social problems related to unemployment and also the rate of violence, which grows proportionally to the unemployment of many young people.

You can read more about the project on the Metaverse Academy Instagram (that took the initiative), and, of course, you can participate in this action. Thus, you will be helping Web3 to add new professionals, you will have a fraction of an incredible NFT, and you will be able to participate in the transformation of statistics.

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