The place to buy, sell and trade NFT fractions of any size. Increase your portfolio liquidity and diversification, find the price for your collections and help grow your movement.

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With RockPool, you can have the best NFTs from OpenSea –  through Public or Private Pools – joining with the amount you want. Additionally, you can curate great NFTs, create a Private Pool and share it with friends to receive the Curator Fee, which is a percentage based on the total value of the NFT. You can also join a Crowdpad and get fractions of NFTs available on the platform. Or create one to sell your NFTs, discover prices, or support a social cause.

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The place to buy, sell and trade NFT Fractions of any size

Grow your portfolio and lead the fractions market on the NFTFY marketplace. View the different statuses of NFTs available for sale, bid, or buy fractions. More than one network can be used, which means you can choose NFTs based on your preferred network. Enjoy the optimized usability and quick view of available CrowdPads, RockPools and Fractions.

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Trustless way of sharing ownership! Everything is code-based, and you only have to worry about choosing which NFT you want to have. NFTFY is a totally decentralized application. The NFT is staked in the smart contract, and no one has any special access to it. The only way to unstake it from the smart contract is by owning 100% of the Fractions or paying the Reserve Price, also known as the Target Price.

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